New smart way of working

An opportunity for greater engagement, innovation and productivity.

New smart way of working

The ways of organising work space and time are changing inexorably: the new expectations of the labour market leave no alternative.

Key2people, thanks to its extensive work of continuous benchmarking and its proprietary, pragmatic, objective and rigorous method of organisational design, is able to support companies in defining a new working model, based on maximising efficiency, social relations, learning on the job, innovation, teamwork and sustainability.

Our experience is clearly showing that the adoption of a new way of working goes far beyond the issue of smart working and is instead a real Process of Organisational Change, which, as such, must be managed. This is why Key2people offers itself as a partner in the activation of those enabling factors that allow employees and, above all, managers, to make the transition: the revision of the leadership model, the increase in managerial and digital working skills, the adoption of phygital working practices and methods, the restructuring of performance management KPIs, the adaptation of HR processes to the new context to make the company more attractive and competitive on the talent market…

We are convinced that, if well leveraged, this can be an extraordinary moment for organisational, cultural and competitive progress. It’s also a great opportunity to engage the entire corporate population: few processes like these can affect all employees at all organisational levels.

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