Recruiting Process Outsourcing

One of our Consultants is dedicated to Recruiting activities, full time, for the whole period agreed with the client.

Application scenarios:

  • Large-scale projects;
  • Multi-assignments;
  • Need for immediate placement;
  • Specialist process and/or market know how;

On average, the consultant will spend a shadowing period ranging from a minimum of three/six months, through to peak situations in constant projects of 4/5 years.

  • Understanding the meaning of talent for each client, and analysis of the corporate culture;
  • Supporting companies in improving their Employer brand in order to be more competitive in attracting talent, both actively and passively;
  • Selection of the best CV/profiles of identified candidates in terms of their academic background, professional track record and international characteristics;
  • Dynamic and exciting recruitment through “social networking” channels, both domestically and internationally;
  • Clarity in communicating the value proposition, medium-long term career prospects and career opportunities;
  • Careful certification of the candidate (focused in-depth analysis of the potential of the individual, measured on the basis of well-defined KPIs);
  • Constant coaching and care, directed towards both the candidate and the company throughout the Talent Acquisition process;
  • Constant follow-up during the induction phase and throughout the development phase
  • "Tailor-made” projects;
  • “Talent-oriented” practice competence;
  • Domestic and international networking;
  • Use of the principal performance analysis tools.

Given the need to fill internal skill gaps, it’s often necessary to map the market so as to be able to back up the correct decisions with suitable information. Starting from the core business the area of enquiry is enlarged, with particular reliance being placed not on the client’s experience, but also on the lateral thinking that Intermedia Selection thanks to the external perspective it can give.

Particular attention is paid to the output of the mapping process, in the form of graphical files and personalised reports that can immediately be understood.

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