Diversity and Inclusion

Diversity and Inclusion

Equality and diversity are themes to be combined in a new way, thanks to the awareness that gender is not to be considered diversity.

In fact, gender is the essence of the complementarity of humanity: two halves of a whole, united by the universal generative purpose. Difference, not diversity, which lies at the origin of the world.

With this assumption, the rights and duties of responsibility and representation in all places are inherited by the two halves of mankind, in an arrangement of absolute equality.

And every organisation of people founding its constituency on this assumption, cultivating and sharing it, adopts and spreads a totally inclusive culture of people while respecting individual distinctiveness.

We believe that the importance of involving without excluding any person is fundamental to solid growth.

Key2people has always recognised the value of gender diversity and its positive impact on company performance and has been actively committed over the last decade to supporting gender equality, starting with promoting an equal presence of women on the boards and in managerial positions in institutions and companies.

Since 2009 Key2people is supporting member of Valore Dand Fuori quota, non-profit organization that brings together women board members of listed companies, founded by Maurizia Iachino was born in Key2people.

We support the construction of inclusive environments that enhance the talents of all, assuming that the design of a People Strategy to overcome Diversity generates a positive impact on:

Sustainability: The ability of an organisation to have an inclusive management team and to generate managerial turnover respecting gender balance guarantees sustainability to the company’s development strategies in the long term

EngagementManagement’s ability to convey a unified vision and values within the organisation and to disseminate an inclusive culture is the result of work on the development of advanced leadership models and the establishment of a consistent employee value proposition that is reflected in the Human Resources management systems.

Innovation: The decision-making processes that result from inclusion and openness to comparison and diversity, and to the external world have a direct impact on the ability t o generate innovation and competitive advantage for the Business.

Performance: The performance of a professional and organisational system is the sum of individual performance and the effectiveness of an organisation with an inclusive managerial culture that values diversity. It is a variable that, if optimised, can generate an extraordinary impact on economics

Based on the maturity level of each client company, we build change management paths based on the following fundamental assets:

  • the definition of clear objectives, shared governance, sponsorship of top management
  • internal and external communication
  • the introduction of indicators and monitoring processes
  • the development of consistent policies and processes (recruiting, performance management…)
  • implementation of actions and interventions to support change (training, role modelling, testimonials…)
  • active involvement of the entire corporate population, shared responsibility and accountability.


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