Digital Transformation

A unique opportunity to undertake a change management process

Digital Transformation

The challenge of digital transformation concerns every company, at any stage of its evolution: this transformation is not an arrival point, but it is a method of business management and a corporate culture that leads the company to the continuous search for flexibility, efficiency and readiness to change.

Each company begins from a unique starting point and therefore there is no one single approach to digital transformation, which, instead, must be designed for each reality.

The adoption of “digital” is not only the introduction of new technology and new processes enabled by it, but it is also, and above all, a cultural and organisational revolution.

We need to analyse the company’s value system that defines the Leadership Model and verify its compatibility with the change path and define the associated behaviours that best give robustness to the new way of working.

But the Employee Value Proposition, the employee’s “customer journey”, must also be adapted: from how the company positions itself in the market to attract talent, to its remuneration, incentive and retention policies, from training plans to the possibility of remote work in a New Way of Working.

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