Digital Assessment

Digital Assessment

The digital revolution is radically altering the DNA of companies, impacting sales offerings, the positioning of the brand and various operating processes, permeating the entire value-creation chain.

Our constant dialogue with corporate management has allowed us to understand how important it is to observe, evaluate and monitor digital skills (cutting across the various professional functions) in order to grasp the opportunities that are presented by the revolution that is in progress.

In the light of this we have designed and built an innovative tool for the assessment of digital skills that can measure, using scientific methods, the digital readiness of a company’s employees, that is to say their ability to interact effectively with digitally-based platforms, solutions and services.

The methodology underpinning this assessment tool is drawn from a study conducted by Key2People between 2010 and 2012 that led to the definition of a digital skills matrix, specifically adapted for the purpose of measuring the digital readiness of the various corporate functions contemplated.

Specific exercises have been designed and prepared that allow observations to be made about digital know how, and at the same time act as ways to raise awareness and provide training about these issues.

The content implied by the digital skills matrix may be added to by going into great detail with regard to specific tools, platforms, products or services that companies have integrated within their offering.

The observation methodology utilised allows the knowledge gaps relating to an individual tool or the level of ability to interact with web environments to be selectively highlighted.

The distinctive characteristic of this approach lies in how it involves an element of training that is neither academic nor conventional, but is customised and entirely based on the direct enhancement of personal experience and the individual’s digital cultural baggage, which can be refined and be steered towards progressive convergence with the company’s objectives.

The information gathered during the digital assessment process may be represented and reported both individually and in aggregate, providing evidence of actual skills and of the gaps that emerge.

The use of this tool makes it possible to construct a benchmark comparison between the skills that are observed and those that are present in the reference market.

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