Succession Plan

The sustainability of the Company goes hand in hand with the development of Managers

The importance of a good succession plan
Traditional succession planning approaches assume that the work environment is stable while we observe a paradigm shift with unpredictable changing scenarios, fast pace of change, simultaneous coexistence of generations under the same "organisational roof", factors that are increasing the need and urgency for concerted leadership succession strategies.

Our added value translates into a dual perspective: organisational and individual; in other words, into the ability to connect the data and results of Executive Assessment and Potential Assessment with organisational needs, so as to generate a bridge between the "here and now" and the "next" of the company: highlighting key roles, mapping and monitoring successors, visualising potential issues (positions lacking managerial turnover, managers not yet ready for the challenges of the context, talents versus expendability…) in order to keep human capital sustainability assets in balance and simultaneously identify and manage related risks.

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