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Proactively using skills as a success factor

Complex Organisations are nowadays facing continuous challenges given by a competitive scenario in strong evolution. Digital Transformation and technological innovation are pushing organisations towards new business models, leading them to adopt agile organisational forms and to rethink strategic roles and skills.

Key2people's position, unique in the market, combining the skills of Human Capital Advisory and Executive & Middle Search, distinguishes the company as a strategic partner in the analysis, definition and evolution of the Professional Systems of companies and organisations of all levels of complexity.

Thanks to the expertise of our consultants and the visibility of the dynamics and evolutionary trends in the various industries, Key2people is able to support clients in mapping the Professional System in place in the organisation and in defining its evolutionary trajectories by answering some fundamental questions: which roles are present in my organisation? What are the distinctive skills of each role? How should my Professional System evolve in relation to the evolution of the business?

Any strategy of evolution and change necessarily starts with a clear awareness of the initial resources available. Organisations often lack a clear understanding of the wide range of skills of their workforce, giving rise to the phenomenon of "deep skills".

This is just one example of the various situations in which it is necessary to launch a Skill Mapping initiative with the aim of taking a snapshot of the level of supervision of key business skills.

Key2people is an ideal partner for this type of project, as it can offer all the visibility on the evolution of skills derived from the Executive Search Observatory with the expertise gained from a strong track record of Skill Mapping projects and the design of Online Surveys for this purpose

Through a consolidated methodology and a dedicated platform, our team of consultants can accompany the client from the definition of the best model for detecting competencies, to the design of the contents and of the Mapping tool up to a detailed analysis of the results and benchmarking against the market.

Our methodological approach to professional reskilling projects is based on a simple assumption: defining the target competencies needed to make a business plan or a medium-term strategy sustainable, planning the necessary interventions and accompanying their delivery.

These projects enhance the value of existing professional skills, selectively reinforcing only those aspects necessary to guarantee the supervision of the individual roles involved in the evolution of the business model.

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