Reward Benchmarking

Planning future remuneration policies by assessing the market

The planning of a company's remuneration policy must take into account various elements, not only internal to the organisation, but also related to external market logics, in order to benefit from a "data driven" decision-making process, guarantee effectiveness for all Stakeholders and sustainability in the medium-long term.

Our experience in Head Hunting and the transversality of our Observatory deriving from Executive Search activities allows us to remain constantly informed about salary dynamics in a market that is certainly large and marked by evolutions that are not always linear.

We take a structured approach to Reward Benchmarking projects, typically broken down into several phases. The key aspects of internal analysis: target role structure, rationales and as-is compensation policies. What is key for us is the definition of the panel of companies on which to conduct the benchmarking, according to criteria of consistency with the organisational/cultural profile of the client and market representativeness. Finally, the collection of numerical evidence and the qualitative/quantitative analysis of the data, whose representation (Total Compensation Architecture, Pay-Mix, Quartile Distribution) is always accompanied by recommendations in terms of guidelines for the future.

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