Organizational Strategy & Design

The organisation as a competitive advantage to respond to market changes

In every organisational project, our approach is to start with a careful analysis of the context, identifying the Strategic Objectives with management, developing Complementary Perspectives to be used in a contextual way (e.g. management orientations, employee perceptions, quantitative data, process analysis, etc.) and evaluating the Actionability of every choice, which must be pragmatic and oriented to arrive in a fast, but rigorous way to a "so what" able to address the decision-making process.

Changes are often so rapid and complex that established patterns no longer seem to respond to current strategic challenges. In this case, we can take a simple and concrete approach: look at the experiences of others, their solutions, their mistakes, their teachings. Key2people, thanks to the depth of its Search activity, has access to an unparalleled wealth of information on organisational structures, leadership models, management practices and remuneration structures.

There is no single right solution, every organisational structure contains trade-offs on which only the company's management is entitled to express an opinion: this is why Key2people always presents different options for solutions, illustrating their pros and cons and explicitly presenting its recommendations, but always giving management the final say.

In order to deal with the complexity of implementation we always measure the distance between today and tomorrow through an in-depth gap analysis of the current situation.

Alongside its design activities, Key2people is able to train company representatives (e.g. talents to be developed) in the use of its methodologies in order to enrich the company's know-how, reduce intervention costs and increase long-term sustainability.

If the solution requires the activation of restructuring tools, Key2people will suggest accompanying the Client through all the components of the transformation process. Many of our Partners and Consultants have developed significant careers in personnel management and can therefore take advantage of their experience in dealing with very complex processes in a structured manner, integrating "hard" tools (social shock absorbers, organisational analysis, cost reduction plans) with a sustainability perspective (engagement of the population, strategic analysis of current and required skills, review of the employee value proposition).

To support the human component of merger and acquisition processes, Key2people provides a portfolio of tools capable of governing the process in its various phases and components.

We start from an Organisational Analysis of the target company and of the scenarios of possible integration with the buyer and then we carry out an Assessment of the managerial team, carried out at different levels of depth and investment: the results of the analysis allow to have a picture of the human capital acquired in a quick and structured way, on which to elaborate an organic strategy.

Sometimes HR Management Systems also need to be harmonised by designing a convergence process to make certain elements of the employee value proposition consistent (e.g. rewarding, performance management, etc.).

Finally, if necessary, Key2people supports the company in the integrated management of the process, providing a "control room" capable of governing the complexity and defining a "schedule" of initiatives to engage the company's people: by way of example, the introduction of job rotation mechanisms to enhance diversity, rather than the use of work tables to stimulate co-design processes.

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