Leadership Model & Cultural Change

Leadership Model as a lever for the evolution of the organisational culture in support of the Business

The definition of a new Leadership Model for a company is a strategic process and cultural change that, in its design phase, requires a careful look not only inside the organisation, but also towards the outside.

Through our Market Observatory, which is constantly updated thanks to daily comparisons with Italian and international companies from diversified sectors, we monitor evolutions, new Leadership trends and best practices that can be an important enrichment tool towards the design and development of a new Leadership Model for the client.

The benchmarking activity takes place through a mapping of target realities - similar in complexity and/or representative of Agile Leadership Models, applied in innovative contexts - and the representation, through a structured analysis framework, of the reference organisational culture of the companies, of the values framework and of the map of behaviours that distinguish the existing model.

The management model of recent years based mainly on the ability to organise, plan, direct and monitor work in organisational forms with defined contours has gradually transformed and has undergone an acceleration in the direction of a smarter Leadership.

Through a "4-hand" partnership work we accompany the client in co-designing new navigation maps for a more coherent expression of leadership in terms of organisational behaviours related to the contingent moment and near future of the organisation.

Our vision and experience in the market has allowed us to design a Leadership Model that is necessary today and consistent with the new challenges of companies, applicable at all organisational levels.

It is developed on 4 dimensions (Visioning, Designing, Connecting, Coaching) to follow the "life cycle" of the Company: the operational governance, from the strategic vision to the engagement of individual assets, especially intangible ones.

The change that affects all levels of the organisation requires widespread leadership development paths to

nurture a culture of change and learning in order to be more responsive and protagonists at times of business transformation and role-based activities.

The company’s care and support of its management in order to "equip" it to be ready, not to feel alone, to focus all efforts towards the same goal, is a key to success because it represents both a management lever of retention and engagement of resources and upskilling of management in the logic of continuous improvement.

As a partner, we are able not only to design custom interventions based on the customer's needs but also to identify and activate the best resources on the market, proposing ourselves synergistically on everything related to the evolution of human capital.

Changing the Culture of an organisation means intervening on the values that guide both the long-term choices and the actions and behaviours implemented every day by the people who are part of the organisation.

Aligning Organisational Culture and Behaviours to the strategic objectives of the business is a delicate operation that requires the identification of the correct levers of change to be activated with an integrated approach; training, managerial style and incentive system are just some of the levers to be activated in order to start a process of cultural evolution.

Key2people is able to accompany different type of organisations in the process of change and cultural evolution by providing with both the necessary analysis of the client's organisational and cultural context and the definition of an Action Plan to support change. We build integrated change programmes, intervening both on the training level and on the organisational and management system levers, accompanying the client in the evolution process.

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