Executive Assessment & Development

Knowing the managerial assets for the best human resource allocation

Leadership models and managerial skills evolve and change according to the changing global market scenarios and their main trends. Our competency models incorporate the relevant emerging trends (digital mindset, agile working, sustainable innovation...) and aim to transfer to the Top Management a snapshot of the human capital and the effective capitalisation against the business challenges of the reference context.

We always choose a tailor-made approach with respect to the distinctive features of each client and adapt our models to the specific aims of the Assessment projects so that we can build in partnership fully customised deliverables integrated with the methodology and tools that the Client has already in place.

The identification of managerial assets and strategic resources for the organisation allows us to effectively support situations of change and to build succession tables, which guarantee the business continuity of the company.

It is becoming increasingly important for companies to be able to identify emerging leaders in advance, i.e. resources that express a Potential, in order to make a forecast on the possibility of effectively covering organisational positions of greater complexity and responsibility over time and to orient training and development paths in time.

Our Potential model is based on drivers that we consider fundamental for assuming leading roles in situations of change that increasingly accompany business. We observe learning agility and the drive for continuous improvement, the drive and courage to make risky choices in situations of uncertainty, the orientation to question the status quo and to infuse the organisation with high levels of engagement and enthusiasm.

A customisation of the Potential factors is carried out with the Client in order to grasp the specificities of the phase of the company's life cycle and of the objectives that the assessment proposes.

Valuable people - critical know-how and managerial magnitude - are fundamental assets for companies and represent a heritage to be safeguarded in order to guarantee the sustainability of the organisation over time.

The Retention Risk matrix meets the level of engagement with the context and the degree of drive and "attractiveness" of the resource on the market through a comparison with similar market profiles, comparable in terms of organisational and business complexity.

The matrix becomes a management tool for the company as it allows to activate appropriate retention actions on profiles with strategic skills.

The identification of key people makes it possible to set up growth plans through structured paths (and, if desired, personalised according to the person's characteristics and motivations) based on the level of Leadership and Potential expressed. Development actions can lead to role diversification (perimeter expansion, integration of temporary additional projects) or to a vertical upgrade by level change, identifying for both the level of readiness.

In today's world - characterised by continuous and unpredictable changes, dynamism and speed - Coaching represents a tool at the service of Executives and Managers to understand and focus on the challenges, identify the opportunities and demands of the new scenarios and the behavioural skills that change requires.

Within a relationship oriented towards experimentation and development of new behaviours, Coaches invite Coachees to stop, analyse and observe, as well as accompany them in the process of defining objectives to be achieved, aligning them with those of the Company. Allows them to question their beliefs, strategies, habits and unproductive behaviours generating concrete change by taking new actions that lead to transformation through lifelong learning.

Connecting the Coaching path to the context in its declinations: Business, Organisation, Role, Behaviours represent a key to successful intervention.

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