Employee Value Proposition & Employee Journey Design

An authentic and innovative Employee Value Proposition as the key to motivating and engaging talent

Identifying an effective and distinctive positioning strategy, in particular on certain key issues such as Employer Branding, Attraction and Talent Management systems, requires understanding the competitive context in which you are operating and analysing the best practices adopted by similar companies, both nationally and internationally, recognised as benchmarks.

One of the fundamental components in the construction of an authentic and innovative Employer-Employee relationship model is for us, therefore, the observation of the market, both in terms of best practices adopted by companies, and the expectations intercepted through listening to the different communities of candidates, which we meet daily in our head hunting experience.

Our approach to the definition of the Employee Value Proposition therefore combines the strategic perspective addressed by Management and the collection of internal expectations of the corporate population with the reconstruction of particularly evolved Employee Journey models, which can inspire the creation of messages and concrete actions to support the Employee Experience.

A strong employer brand and a well-defined communication strategy in terms of messages and channels, combined with a structured and coherent approach during the recruiting and selection phase, can strengthen a company's reputation in the eyes of the candidate and talent community.

Our approach to Employer Branding projects is based on an integrated approach, aimed at creating a real link between the Employer Branding strategy and the Employee Journey: Employer Branding becomes the first tool for an end2end management of the Employee experience, with the aim of integrating every point of contact between the company and its people, in a logic of "total experience".

The design of the strategy, of the value proposition and of the "meeting experience" between Employer and Candidate is built with the aim of bringing out and conveying key values and messages, also in relation to the evolution of the context and the expectations of Talents and the new generations.

The same messages become the basis for a "Candidate experience” throughout the selection process and becomes crucial for stimulating external and internal engagement.

The evolution and transformation of organisations and processes in an increasingly "agile" key makes it essential to rethink some processes and, within the HR ecosystem, the Onboarding process appears to be strongly impacted by the new ways of organising work.

A good Onboarding process fosters a sense of belonging during the Induction phase and helps build future engagement, reducing turnover rates and enabling business growth.

Our approach to building Onboarding processes is done in co-design mode with the client. We always start with an understanding of the Organisational Culture and Corporate Values, focus on objectives and as-is process, in order to generate an experience for all new-employees that is impactful, but also consistent with the characteristics of the organisation.

We believe that some central elements at the basis of a good Induction path are the generation of "engagement mechanisms" between Company and Person, the presence of support tools and clear and accessible information, the definition of KPI's for monitoring and continuous feedback

The ability of an organisation to extract value from its HR assets is often a distinguishing and discriminating factor between success and failure, irrespective of the business model pursued and its organisational structure.

Key2people proposes a multi-factor Performance Management model, focused on the integrated and data-driven management of evaluation systems.

The approach pursued is aimed at the definition and implementation of systems capable of reconciling analytical depth and system usability. We offer innovative and customised solutions to govern the Performance Appraisal process that include, in addition to the more traditional systems, new models such as OKR and Holistic Feedback (Continuous and 360°) according to a logic of co-construction based on the Customer's needs.

Key2people's experience in the integrated management of MBO models, Behavioural Performance Management, Potential Assessment, Social Recognition and Technical Evaluation, allows the client to acquire a "turnkey" system to enable and guide the "human factor", enhancing its impact and directing its continuous development.

Shifting the focus away from contingency, while at the same time taking a medium- to long-term view of the management of one's assets, is often an essential factor in a fluid eco-system such as today’s. HR assets are no exception, in respect of which it is essential to pursue a dynamic and forward-looking approach as a fundamental element of the Employee Value Proposition.

Key2people proposes a model that is not just a caring and vacancy management tool, but a data-driven, potential-based and performance-based system designed on the basis of the peculiarities of the context and the corporate culture of reference.

Our approach to the Development System embraces all possible corresponding dynamics: Talent Management, Learning Path, Job Rotation and Succession Plan are just some of the core processes that define the "Staff Development System" of a company, a model capable of guaranteeing a transparent, prospective and sustainable Employee Value Proposition, both for People and for the Company they work for.

The management of remuneration policies and the mix of possible incentive systems is undoubtedly one of the most direct levers for the deployment of the corporate People Strategy.

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